Session 2.3 - Human Trafficking

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Start date: 2022

Policing Organised Crime for Analysts and Investigators

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2 Full Modules (16 sessions over 16 weeks) - £700

Module 1 (8 sessions over 8 weeks) - £350

Module 2 (8 sessions over 8
) - £350

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Module 1 launches January 2022, Module 2 launches April 2022

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    Course content
    Module 1 of the 16-week course, with a live session taught each week.

    Module 1 - How Organised Crime is Policed

    1_Structure of UK policing
    How policing is organised from a local, regional, national and international perspective

    2_Analysing organised crime (OC)
    Different ways to measure and assess organised crime

    3_How OC operates as a business
    Similarities between organised crime and legitimate business

    4_U BATTLE - using business analysis against OC
    An introduction to an investigative strategy development tool

    5_Organised Crime innovation
    How organised crime adapts

    6_Organised Crime Group expansion

    How organised crime groups expand into new territories

    7_Corruption UK &  Italian OC
    Corruption as a facilitator and an introduction to the UK and Italian organised crime milieu

    8_Case studies in organised crime
    Examples of organised crime groups and how they operate

    Module 2 - Transnational Organised Crime Elements

    1_International drug smuggling
    An introduction to how illegal drugs are manufactured, transported and sold

    How crime has adapted to the digital age

    3_Human Trafficking
    Examining the human trade in people

    4_Firearms smuggling
    Examining the nuances of the firearms trade

    5_Driving Criminality
    An introduction to the phenomena of outlaw biker gangs

    6_Doing the laundry

    How criminals exploit the international financial system

    7_Innovation in armed robbery
    Exploring changes in the modus operandi of armed robbery

    8_Organised crime exotica
    Examining some of the less common crimes associated with organised criminality

    Meet your instructor

    Chris Allen

    Chris Allen is a researcher, lecturer, consultant and commentator specialising in organised crime and how it operates.  He has significant experience in lecturing on UK and international policing structures as well as drug trafficking, cybercrime, human trafficking and firearms trafficking, among other subjects.   He is currently Honorary Research Fellow at the University of Buckingham and an Associate Lecturer at London Metropolitan and Arden Universities.  

    Concurrently, Chris is currently Director of Criminis Training and Consultancy services, which provides a range of solutions to law enforcement, universities and the private sector.  As part of Criminis, he has been commissioned to write regular pieces on the latest organised crime trends for Policing Insight, recently publishing pieces on the financial impact of wildlife trafficking in West Africa and the international drugs trade.

    Chris is also the creator of the U BATTLE toolkit, an investigative strategy development tool that began under City of London Police in 2018 and since then has gained national and international recognition. U BATTLE uses the adapted versions of traditional business analysis techniques to improve the development of investigative strategies in order to dismantle organised crime groups.

    Furthermore, he is a member of the Global Initiative Against Transnational Organised Crime Network of Expert, the Society for Evidence Based Policing, the European Political Research Consortium Standing Group on Organised Crime and the International Association for the Study of Organised Crime.  

    Chris has extensive public speaking experience and has made Presentations to: National Internet Intelligence and Investigations Conference (2018) the National Intelligence Conference 2018, the International Conference on Transnational Organised Crime and Terrorism 2019 Serious and Organised Crime Exchange 2019 (SOCEX), Gulf Cooperation Council Forensics 2019, National Analysts Working Group (2019) PSNI Analysts training day (2020), Europol SOCTA Advisory Group (2020),Investigator Organised Crime Conference (2020), Socex National Economic Crime Conference (2020). Chris has recently submitted his PhD at Liverpool John Moores University, his thesis examines the use of business analysis techniques to improve investigative strategies against organised crime groups.
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