Delivered by: the Centre for Investigative Interviewing
Investigative Interviewing of Children

by Professor Martine Powell, Centre for Investigative Interviewing
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    What's in this course?

    • Personal 1-2-1 sessions with a tutor
    • Practical
    • With child avatar
    • Video lectures
    • Quizzes
    • Study in your own time

    Module 1
    Best practice guidelines

    Module 2

    Defining the questions

    Module 3

    Child development

    Module 4

    Effective questions

    Module 5

    Practicing the right questions

    Module 6

    Eliciting disclosure

    About The Course

    Investigative interviewing involves eliciting a detailed and accurate account of an event or situation from a person to assist decision-making.

    Best-practice investigative interviewing of children refers to a range of core skills: minimising inhibition, anxiety, and potential contamination of the memory process; directing the child to information required; and using non-leading and simply-worded questions.  The ‘Investigative Interviewing of children’ is a self-paced online course containing 6 modules instructing how to elicit important evidential information from children in narrative format.
    The course is evidence-based and includes topics such as choosing effective questions, eliciting reliable disclosures, and tailoring interview techniques to cultural minority groups and persons with complex communication needs. The course has evolved over 10 years and is highly practical in nature. It includes professional films that illustrate aspects of child development and interviewer skills, quizzes (where instant feedback on performance is provided), practical readings, and mock interview exercises (conducted with a trainer or a virtual child). Trainers track individuals’ progress throughout the course and provide additional learning and IT support when required.

    The course is self-paced and is expected to take around 3 months to complete.

    This course is delivered by the Centre for Investigative Interviewing, part of Griffith University, Australia

    Centre for Investigative Interviewing

    Global leaders with the resources and expertise to improve interview techniques that help people and organisations. The Centre is part of Griffith University, Queensland, Australia


    Meet the founding director

    Professor Martine Powell

    Martine Powell is a Professor at Griffith University, Australia and Founding Director of the Centre for Investigative Interviewing (Griffith Criminology Institute).

    She is a world-leading expert in investigative interviewing - her work focuses on the ‘how to’ of obtaining accurate and detailed information from people about events to assist decision-making. It also addresses transfer of knowledge to the field, especially guidance for interviewers of vulnerable interviewees and questioning about sensitive topics. Martine has adopted a constructive and innovative scientific approach, working in partnership with industry.

    Her outputs are extensive - she has produced more than 260 peer-reviewed publications, and supervised over 35 doctoral/PhD students.

    The influence of Martine’s research has been recognised by several lifetime career awards and the widespread dissemination of her work, which has sparked a global revolution in interview training. Her funded industry partnerships span a range of disciplines and numerous countries across the globe.
    Patrick Jones - Course author
    about the centre for investigative interviewing

    Centre for Investigative Interviewing

    The Centre for Investigative Interviewing is a dynamic hub that provides specialist resources, training and research facilities to enhance interviewer competency, enable quality evaluation, and improve justice systems.

    Our industry-based research has a focus on outcomes, and our team is comprised of a range of professionals including psychologists, lawyers, statisticians, ex-police officers, speech pathologists and administration staff. The Centre’s training is tailored to meet specific organisational or jurisdictional requirements.

    The Centre is part of Griffiths University, Australia.
    Patrick Jones - Course author
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