Emergency Stress Pit Stop:

Helping Police Beat Stress, Take Back Control and Thrive

Sometimes you just have to pull over and re-fuel before you can carry on with the race.
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Make sure you function well so you can be fully present at your job.

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The investment in this course is just 2 instalments of £143, or save 10% if you pay in full. So, that’s £286 on the 2-month payment plan or £260 if paid in one go.

If an organisation wants to use a bulk-booking option of at least 5 learners, they get a 30% reduction in fees. Please email contact@PoliceScienceDr.com for bulk bookings.
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hybrid course

Stress Pit Stop

Helping Law Enforcement and Emergency Workers Beat Stress, Take back Control and Thrive

Meet Your Guide

Ginny McKenna

Your coach and guide

Ginny gets it. She's been there. She was a frontline police officer for over 20 years. She's been through experiences that knocked her so far off her path that she wanted to take her own life - it was only the thought that her dog, who depended on her,  would be left uncared for that stopped her.

Online - personal - discreet - flexible
The Emergency Stress Pit Stop course is a mixture of video material that Ginny has prepared to help you take stock of your situation - where you are, and what is happening to you, as well as providing useful tasks designed to help you think, explore and review your progress as you work through the learning modules.

Ginny will answer questions, discuss and provide feedback during her live video Q & A session with participants.
You will only achieve the results you desire if you put in the work!

You will walk away from the course with greater clarity and understanding around stress and your triggers.

You will be armed with tools and techniques that you can use anytime, anywhere, to keep your stress levels low, and you in control.
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hybrid course

Stress Pit Stop

Helping Law Enforcement and Emergency Workers Beat Stress, Take back Control and Thrive

FAQs - You may be asking yourself...

1. Is Ginny’s course right for me?

The course is designed specifically for those who work in law enforcement or any other emergency service, in ancy capacity. It is delivered by someone who has served over 20 years as a frontline officer, who had her own struggles with the job and her mental wellbeing, which nearly drove her to suicide. Ginny understands the job and the challenges that come with it all too well. She has worked with many officers who had had counselling / coaching before and they felt very uncomfortable having to speak about personal issues with a stranger, especially one who did not understand the job and required a lot of explaining. Some even felt their counsellor was fascinated by the clients’ stories, almost as if they were watching a TV show, as the experiences they were hearing about were so alien to them that they became somewhat entertaining. The focus on the client’s suffering was lost in that process. This will not happen with Ginny. She has been through a number of horrific incidents herself and she understands the impact they can have on you.

If you work in policing or even another emergency service and you have noticed that you haven’t been quite able to function at full capacity lately, that some incidents and experiences have affected you more than you would like, that perhaps some recent events seem wiped from your memory, that you are feeling stressed, you can’t sleep as you should, then it seems your mind needs your attention right now, so that you can be yourself again, and deliver what you need to deliver. Be that for the job, for your family, or for yourself.

2. Will I get the same from this online course as I would from 1-to-1 sessions?

We can’t really say what the best way of working on your mental wellbeing is for you specifically – you would need to try that out for yourself. The advantages of doing this course is that you can self-pace the learning and work through it in your own time. It is also discreet and you can access the course from any location you want, as long as you have a good enough internet connection and a large enough screen to see what you need to see. Ginny is going to hold a live session with all of those who are in the cohort with you, to work through questions that may have come up for you and other learners. The date of this session will be announced to you during the course. If you can’t attend live, you will be able to submit your question in advance and watch the recording of the session later.

3.    Do I need to let my employer know I’m doing this course?

Nope. If you choose to fund this on your own, you don’t have to tell a soul. If it is your employer who has paid for you and perhaps some other colleagues of yours to do this course, they probably know which individuals are taking it, but then we assume you’re comfortable with that, as they enable you to work on your wellbeing. We would only get in touch with a learner's employer if they wanted to know if leaners had or had not accesssed / commenced the course.

4. Will you tell my employer I’m doing this course?

If you are self-funding this course, we have no contact with your employer and won’t tell them a thing. If your employer has funded your doing this course and they ask us if you have started / completed it, we will confirm whether you have or not. If we feel you are a risk to either yourself or others, we have a duty to let someone know.

5. How much does this course cost?

The usual set of a minimum of 6 counselling sessions (priced at £60 - £160 per session) is £360 - £960.To make this more accessible, the investment you make in Emergency Stress Pit Stop to get your life back is just 2 instalments of £143, or save 10% if you pay in full. So, that’s £286 on the 2-month payment plan or £260 if paid in one go. If an organisation wants to use a bulk-booking option of at least 5 learners, they get a 30% reduction in fees. Please email contact@PoliceScienceDr.com for bulk bookings

6. What does this course entail?

The course includes a number of video sessions and reflective, self-paced assignments. It is a hybrid course, which means there is a live and personal involvement between the learner and Ginny. She will hold a live Zoom session during the course for questions and discussions. You are encouraged to attend this live so that you can be actively involved, but if you can’t be there at the time, you can submit questions to Ginny in advance and you will have access to the recording of the session afterwards.

7. Can this course be done anonymously?

You need to sign up using a functioning email address, but that can be a personal address. When you have enrolled on the course and have therefore received access to the learning platform, you will be able to see other learners enrolled on any of the courses in the Academy, and they will be able to see other learners listed. If you would rather not use your own name, although we encourage you do, you can use a nick name or your middle name in your profile instead. People won’t see your email address but you can send each other messages through the learning platform, and you can have discussions as well as setting up your own discussion groups. So it is up to you whether you will be anonymous on the platform or not, but we believe you should be proud of making this investment in your health, productivity and efficiency.

8. What can I expect from this learning?

With your dedicated commitment, the course will help you to move from where you are currently stuck to a point where you are back in control and excited about moving forward with your life, by exploring the following areas of learning, amongst others:
- How stress may affect you - greater understanding around the mind-body responses to stress, anxiety & overwhelm
- Learn about what triggers you
- A selection of tools and techniques - to use anywhere/anytime - keeping you in control
- Another chance at life, in which you can manage what gets thrown at you, and in which you can actually enjoy yourself again

9. What if I want to carry on working with Ginny after I’ve completed the course?

Of course Ginny would be delighted to continue working with you. There are a number of ways to do so:

One-to-one 90-Day Emergency Stress Re-Set Coaching Programme - digging deeper into the challenges holding you back and re-setting those negative, self-limiting beliefs and core values, to ones that totally support you. Once that strong foundation has been created, you will move forward and create the life that you want to live using a ‘future planning’ exercise that provides you with an incremental bespoke blueprint to keep you accountable and ensure that if followed, you will achieve that until now elusive goal.

10-week Group Coaching Programme  - taking the Emergency Stress Re-set Programme into a group setting. Where you can share your experiences and learning with fellow emergency responders who understand your role and its impact on every area of your life and who, like you, are invested in seeing you succeed.

10. I’ve tried counselling before – it didn’t work for me

Well, we can’t really comment on why that may have been the case. It is possible that you and the counsellor / coach were not the right fit, that their method wasn’t right for you, or that you were not at a stage in your life where you were open to it. Or perhaps you felt the coach or counsellor simply didn’t ‘get’ what you were going through and you didn’t like the hassle of having to explain all the policing procedures and demands around the actual incident you want to discuss, just to help them understand the context in which this happened. If you are reading this, it seems you are ready for this mental health pit stop, so give it a go.

11. Can I access the course from my police computer?

That depends on your ICT department’s set up, but we have not yet come across a police force that restricts access to the online learning platform we use for this course, LearnWorlds. If your work computer’s settings do not allow access, you can ask your supervisor to contact ICT and / or Information Security in your force to allow access to LearnWorlds.com so that you can do the course on your police computer. The LearnWorlds school is embedded into http://www.Academy.PoliceScienceDr.com. If that is not possible, I would suggest just doing the course from a personal computer or laptop.

12. Can I get a refund if this is not for me?

As per the Police Science Dr Academy’s terms & conditions, you have the right to cancel your order within 14 days of purchase by emailing contact@PoliceScienceDr.com; provided you have not progressed beyond the first section of the learning materials, you will be issued a full refund of the course fee paid within 10 working days.
If you have progressed beyond the first section any of the learning materials, you are not entitled to a refund. Your success from this course depends on your openness and willingness to make a change. Ginny will provide you with the tools you need to do so, and it is then up to you to use them.
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