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How to do Evidence-Based Policing in 4 Steps

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    About this course:

    About this course: This introductory course is a solid first step on your EBP-learning journey. It will enable you to understand and discuss some of the basic principles of evidence-based policing. You will have more competence and confidence to discuss EBP with your colleagues and superiors and you can start introducing some EBP-concepts in your force. This course is a first step in helping forces create a sustainable, low-cost and permanent EBP capability in-house.
    This course is for:

    This course is for anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge of EBP, who wants to fill in some gaps in their understanding, or who is new to the concept of EBP. To be notified when it becomes available again, simply register below, which will also add you to the Police Science Dr list, through which you will receive relvant police science resources, news and access to all of Police Science Dr's video transcripts. There's no spam and you can unsubscribe at any time.

    Meet your instructor

    This introductory course was created and is taught by Dr. Susanne Knabe-Nicol

    What did your colleagues think of this course?

    Detective Constable Kaylee Povey
    South Wales Police

    "I love this... it provides step-by-step instructions of where to start!  This is clear and informative. Explanations are perfect! Susanne, I have to commend you on this work! I have certainly learned a lot!" 
    Police Constable Dan England
    Wiltshire Police

    "I think you present really clearly and explain it really well which is why I like your videos....Really good... Thank you for the opportunity to take part Susanne."
    Commander Alex Murray, founder of the Society of Evidence Based Policing
    Metropolitan Police, UK
    “This is an interesting introduction for anyone interested in evidence based policing.  It's really easy to use and will help staff understand some of the methods used in understanding what works”

    Frequently asked questions

    1. Is this really free? Why?

    Yes, it’s free.  I want as many practitioners as possible to have a basic understanding of EBP – this will inspire many of them to want to learn more and to start practicing EBP. The vision is that every police force or agency around the world will become completely evidence-based, using the best available processes to prevent and detect crime.
    Also, it is my first course and it is a bit of a practice-run for a more comprehensive course that will get people much further in their EBP skills. It is also my first time speaking into the camera and setting up an online course, so lots of learning involved.

    2. Can I access the course from my police computer?

    That depends on your ICT department’s set up, but the platform I use for this course, LearnWorlds, was able to be accessed by several forces around the world that were asked to try and access it. If your work computer’s settings do not allow access, you can ask your supervisor to contact ICT and / or Information Security in your force to allow access to so that you can do the course on your police computer. My LearnWorlds school is embedded into If that is not possible, I would suggest just doing the course from a personal computer / laptop / tablet. It’s a mini course, so not very long (under 2 hours if you do it in one go).

    3. How long is the course?

    The course is under 2 hours long including the knowledge checks. You don’t have to do it all in one go, you can do some of it and stop, then come back to it and pick it up again from where you left off.

    4. Can it count towards CPD (continued professional development)?

    You can download a certificate of completion at the end of the course, which you can submit as proof of further training. Whether your force chooses to accept this external course, I do not know.

    5. What if I want to learn more after the course?

    There is a document with useful resources for you to download with links to the various Societies of Evidence Based Policing around the world, the Cambridge Centre for Evidence-Based Policing which offers courses, and you can also have a look at universities and see what they offer. And then there’s my ‘EBP Implementer Course’ here at the EBP Doctor Academy, which will give you much more solid EBP skills, if you’re interested.

    I will also set up a membership that you can become part of, with regular new learning and a strong support network to get you further. Courses can teach you what you need to know and why, but the ongoing membership would actually support you in the implementation of evidence-based policing, where you can have your questions answered, you would get help solving problems that creep up, and basically you would have me and others like you to help you along the journey for as long as you benefit from it. But that's a bit further down the line.

    6. I made some really good contacts via the community page, can I keep my login so tht I can remain in that EBP community?

    Yes, I’m happy for you to stay in the community and get as much out of it as you can. Once the membership is set up, you and your colleagues can move there to get more hands-on, systematic support to help you implement EBP on an ongoing basis.

    7. I have a problem with EBP in my force - can I contact you directly?

    I’m happy to help where I can, but this will be limited by the demand on my time. So feel free to contact me on and I will see if I can help in any way, and to which extent.
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