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Police Science Dr Academy Courses

Investigative Interviewing of Children

By Professor Martine Powell

The Centre for Investigative Inverviewing at Griffiths University, Australia, delivers this course on interviewing children forensically.
Price: ca. £340, paid as $650 AUS

How best to interview suspects

By Professor Ray Bull

Learn directly from one of the greatest legends of suspect interviewing: evidence-based suspect interviewing
Price: £75

The Labours of Heracles

An online exercise to explore values, thoughts and beliefs - For law enforcement, military, and the general public
By Prof. Laurence Alison MBE
Price: £5

Behavioural Science In Policing

Free Course by Dr Susanne Knabe-Nicol

Price: Free

Emergency Stress Pit Stop

Helping Law Enforcement Beat Stress, Take Back Control & Thrive, by Police Stress Expert Ginny McKenna
Price: £260

How to do Evidence-Based Policing in 4 Steps

Free Mini-Course by Dr Susanne Knabe-Nicol
Price: Free


Price: £49
By Dr Chris Allen

This online course gives professionals a profound, up-to-date understanding of this modern bane to law enforcement and the challenges it brings with it. You will learn about its extent, nature, its enabling factors, how easy it is for criminals to engage in this form of criminality and you will be presented with a case study of a hacker.

Firearms Trafficking

Price: £49
By Dr Chris Allen

You will learn how illegal firearms enter the black market and how they are smuggled across the world. You will also find out about weapons produced here, and how Mexican cartels exploit US laws.

Money Laundering - Exploitation of International Financial Systems

Price: £49
By Dr Chris Allen

This session deals with the influence of money laundering on global economic development, how it infiltrates society and legitimate businesses, how a laundering scheme is set up, its methodologies, and case studies that illustrate this clandestine process.  
Dr. Susanne Knabe-Nicol
[‘kna:bə ni’kol] 

Police Science Dr was created by Dr. Susanne Knabe-Nicol ['kna:bə ni'kol]
Susanne did her BSc degree in Psychology at the University of East London and an MSc in Interactive Multimedia at the University of Westminster.

After a few years of dabbling in media, publicity and market research jobs, she did her MSc in Investigative & Forensic Psychology at the University of Liverpool, where she also completed her PhD on ‘Behavioural Analysis for Police Investigations’.

Susanne worked for the UK police for over a decade, in roles such as regional intelligence analyst, Police Community Support Officer, researcher in the Major Investigation Team, investigator in the custody unit – interviewing suspects and preparing case files, in evidence-based policing, and within the investigative command. Susanne created Police Science Dr to translate dry and often inaccessible research findings into something that operational police would actually be able to consume and put into practice.  Police Science Dr achieves this through free learning videos and soon also through online courses.

Some of Susanne’s research has been published as book chapters in Professor Laurence Alison’s and Lee Rainbow’s ‘Professionalizing Offender Profiling – Forensic and Investigative Psychology in Practice’, published by Routledge.
She is a contributor to 2024's Blackstone's Handbook for Policing Students

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