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How Best To Interview Suspects

You will learn about evidence-based interviewing practices and the PEACE model of interviewing
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Learn directly from one of the world's leading authorities on
suspect interviewing

Prof Ray Bull has a track record and an international reputation like no other

Backed by science

Prof Bull teaches methods that have been established through scientific methods as being the most effective
Meet your instructor

Professor Ray Bull

  • Professor of Criminal Investigation, University of Derby (UK)

  • Emeritus Professor of Forensic Psychology, University of Leicester (UK)

  • Former President of the European Association of Psychology and Law
Patrick Jones - Course author

Awards & Achievements

Involved in creating the PEACE model of interviewing in the 1990s

Involved in creating the UN guidance document on effective investigative interviewing in 2021

Invited to speak in around 40 countries around the world on his topic of expertise

World Rankings - In March 2021 Ray was informed that Stanford University and Elsevier had created a database of 160,000 top scientists, providing data on the global influence of academic study using a variety of impact metrics such as: citations, h-index and the co-authorship hm-index. Data was analysed for (a) career-long (until the end of 2019) and (b) single year (i.e., 2019) impact.  Ray’s name was included in (a) the top 2% of scientists regarding data based across their career and (b) in the top 4% of scientists based on the citation year 2019.  

In 2014, Ray became (for three years) ‘President’ of the European Association of Psychology and Law.  He was until 2020 ‘Immediate Past President’ (for three years).  

In 2012, Ray was awarded the first “Honorary Life-time Membership” of the 'International Investigative Interviewing Research Group' (that has several hundred members from dozens of countries).  

In 2010, Ray was “Elected by acclaim” an Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society “for the contribution made to the discipline of psychology”.  (This honour is restricted to no more than 40 living psychologists.)  

In 2010, Ray received from the Scientific Committee of the Fourth International Conference on Investigative Interviewing a “Special prize” for his “extensive contributions to investigative interviewing”.  

In 2009, Ray was elected a Fellow by the Board of Directors of the Association of Psychological Sciences (formerly the American Psychological Society) for “sustained and outstanding distinguished contribution to psychological Science” (FAPS).  

In 2009, he received from the 'International Investigative Interviewing Research Group' the “Senior Academic Award” for his “significant lifetime contribution to the field of investigative interviewing”.  

In 2008, he received from the European Association of Psychology and Law an “Award for Life-time Contribution to Psychology and Law”. 

In 2008, he received from the British Psychological Society the “Award for Distinguished Contributions to Academic Knowledge in Forensic Psychology”.   

In 2005, he received a Commendation from the London Metropolitan Police for “Innovation and professionalism whilst assisting a complex rape investigation”. 
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