How to do Evidence-Based Policing in 4 steps

Get a good grasp of what EBP is and how to get started
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About this course:
About this course: This introductory course is a solid first step on your EBP-learning journey. It will enable you to understand and discuss some of the basic principles of evidence-based policing. You will have more competence and confidence to discuss EBP with your colleagues and superiors and you can start introducing some EBP-concepts in your force. This course is a first step in helping forces create a sustainable, low-cost and permanent EBP capability in-house.
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This course is for anyone who wants to refresh their knowledge of EBP, who wants to fill in some gaps in their understanding, or who is new to the concept of EBP. To be notified when it becomes available again, simply register below, which will also add you to the Police Science Dr list, through which you will receive relvant police science resources, news and access to all of Police Science Dr's video transcripts. There's no spam and you can unsubscribe at any time.
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